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Вебинар AMETEK - Floor Vibration: Fundamentals and Control for Ultra Precision and High Resolution Instruments

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Вебинар AMETEK - проблема вибраций при работе с ультрапрецизионным оборудованием

Место проведения: он-лайн
Дата проведения: 28 января 2021 г.Вебинар AMETEK_вибрации_Titan Krios.JPG

Please join us for our upcoming free webinar on the fundamentals of vibration isolation and control. If you use, manage, maintain or purchase high precision equipment this webinar is for you.

This webinar is intended for the scientist, equipment manufacturer, engineer, architect or facilities manager who wants to understand more about how floor vibration affects sensitive instruments like electron microscopes, semiconductor equipment, optical and other high precision instruments.

We will present the theory behind passive and active vibration isolation and review different approaches to controlling it.

When: Thursday, January 28, 2021

Time: 11:00 AM EST

Where: Virtual


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